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Solid Gutter Guard - Made of Aluminum or Rigid Vinyl

Solid gutter guard is made of .024" painted aluminum or rigid vinyl. Unlike other guards, the solid gutter guards do not have holes or metal gutter mesh. So it is solid enough to withstand the harsh environment. Gutter guard is designed to keep your gutters cleaning, decrease clogs and save your time and money spent on gutter. Water can run into the gutter following the curved surface, while debris are directed off the gutter cover and the roof. The gutter guard also helps prevent ice and snow from collecting in the gutters, which may cause leaks and damage to your house. So it reduces your cleaning time and eliminate the cumulative debris. Besides, the gutter cover enhances the beauty of your home by providing a modern look.

We can offer you various kinds of solid gutter guards with various sizes.

A white gutter guard made of PVC lays inclined on the white background.

PVC solid gutter guard.

A white gutter guard made of aluminum lays inclined on the white background.

Aluminum solid gutter guard.

Solid gutter guard is easy to install and do not require other fasteners. And it is simple to cut, and fits to most gutter sizes. First, slide the gutter cover under the shingle and then snap into place under the lip of the gutter.



The gutter on the left without gutter guard is full of leaves and the gutter on the right with gutter guard is very clean.

Solid gutter guard can keep your gutters cleaning and decrease clogs.

A white gutter guard with several leaves on it is installed on the roof.

Wind can flow away the leaves and clean the gutter guard for you.

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