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Shingle Gutter Guard Includes Solid Cover and Fine Mesh

Shingle gutter guard is made of powder coated galvanized steel or copper sheet. It is designed to combine the solid cover with several rows of expanded fine mesh intermittently. So the gutter guard not only can provide maximum strength to withstand the heaviest rainfall, but also can keep out the small debris. The special design, along with the textured paint, makes the shingle gutter guard blend with the roof shingles.

The gutter guard simply slides under the roof shingles and hooks to the front edge of the gutter easily. It can be installed on any kind of roof. Each piece is 3 feet and fits directly to any standard 5" or 6" K style gutters.

Copper shingle gutter guard on the white background.

Copper shingle gutter guard.

Steel shingle gutter guard on the white background.

Steel shingle gutter guard.


Sizes of shingle gutter guard
Code Material Length Width 20 pieces per box 50 pieces per box
SGS3-5 galvanized steel 3 feet 5"
SGS3-6 6"
SGC3-5 copper 3 feet 5"
SGC3-6 6"


Steel shingle gutter guard installed on the roof.

Shingle gutter guard can be installed on all kinds of roofs.

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