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Drop in Gutter Guard - Made of Aluminum or Copper

A piece of aluminum guard welded an aluminum edge on its left.

Drop in gutter guard keeps twigs, leaves and debris from falling into the gutters.

Drop in gutter guard is mainly used for keeping leaves and debris out of gutters. It includes two components, the aluminum mesh and a solid aluminum front edge which clips on the front side of the gutters. And the special subtle edge with higher performance can make the guard to load heavy rain and wind. So the strong gutter screen does its job day and night through the toughest environment. It is attracting more and more attention because of its easy installation and low cost. You just need snap the gutter guard into the gutters. So it does not disturb your shingles and easy enough to clean your gutters. In addition to the aluminum drop in gutter guard, we also can offer you the copper drop in gutter guard. Both of them are very durable.

The drop in gutter guard is commonly supplied in box. The common size are 5" × 36", 6" × 36". The special specifications also can be customized.


Aluminum drop in gutter guard installed on k style aluminum gutters.

Drop in gutter guard can made of aluminum material.

Copper drop in gutter guard installed on k style copper gutters.

Drop in gutter guard can made of copper material.


As we all know, it is really not an easy task to clean our gutters. And without proper cleaning, the gutter can be clogged, and be rust. So it is important to have a right type of gutter cover to protect your house.

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